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    Looking for/in: Quebec Canada Rural and or Off grid home with land
    Listing ID: 30833

    land and home, barn, lake or river, fireplace, solar
    (Updated: Tue Mar 18 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30833
    Looking for/in: Mineral Rights Property wanted in US and Canada
    Listing ID: 30832

    Properties with contract income. Oil, gas, aggregate, minerals and water, easements, leases etc. Must be strong client long term.
    Prefer larger properties US and Canada.

    (Updated: Fri Mar 07 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30832
    Looking for/in: ND, MN, SD, NV Rural with Home small acreage
    Listing ID: 30825

    Desperately Seeking a rural or very small town one family story is a dream but fine with 2 or more...UNDER $60, least 1200 square feet...size of rooms is more important than how many rooms...less neighbors the contract would be wonderful...payments w/o tax and insurance to be no more than $400...down payment available...desperate before June 1...any state would be great if it's the northern half of this country...i'm starting in ND, MN, SD, NV
    (Updated: Tue Mar 04 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30825
    Looking for/in: TN, KY, GA, AR Hunting Fishing Mountain Property Wanted
    Listing ID: 30816

    Very rustic out of the way property with fishing and hunting in mountain area, NC, TN, KY, GA AR,MT,WY owner financing or something I can help fix up for someone who's hardly there, old cabin to work and improve, somewhere to teach my family how to live off the land and enjoy nature. running water on property would be excellent
    (Updated: Sun Jul 24 2016)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30816
    Looking for/in: Rural Idaho Acreage w/ Springs
    Listing ID: 30803

    Remote rural acreage with a spring
    (Updated: Mon Feb 24 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30803
    Looking for/in: Off Grid OK anywhere in Colorado for Homesteading
    Listing ID: 30785

    5 or more acres, trees please.. creek would be nice. No restrictions!!! Remote access ok-have 4 wheel drive. Must be very low down payment/low monthly payments. All rights included. Must have legal and physical access(even if it rough!!) Open to anywhere in Colorado-will be homesteading, solar/wind so utilities not a requirement.
    (Updated: Tue Feb 11 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30785
    Looking for/in: Georgia home and barn wanted
    Listing ID: 30773

    We need a home in Georgia with a barn.
    (Updated: Mon Feb 03 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30773
    Looking for/in: Oregon or Northern California Rural
    Listing ID: 30771

    Rural land recreation also for northern ca
    (Updated: Fri Jan 31 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30771
    Looking for/in: Idaho Rural Acreage w/ spring water. Cash Buyer
    Listing ID: 30760

    Looking for rural acreage. Must have spring water. Privacy. Mix of pasture and trees. Live water a plus. Can pay cash. Email photos and description.
    (Updated: Tue Jan 28 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30760
    Looking for/in: Cuyahoga County, OH Chicago, IL, Covington KY
    Listing ID: 30742

    off market distressed properties in Cuyahoga County, Chicago, IL, Covington KY Cash for Deed property quick and simple transaction
    (Updated: Sat Jan 18 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30742
    Looking for/in: USA Development land wanted
    Listing ID: 30734

    Development land wanted for community development project. Must have cooperative and non restrictive governmental dictates. Need 1200 to 2000 acres for residential, commercial and industrial development. Up to $15M available all US areas considered.
    (Updated: Wed Jan 15 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30734
    Looking for/in: Idaho County, Idaho Land Wanted Willing to Trade or Swap Arizona property.
    Listing ID: 30728

    We are looking for acreage in Idaho County, Idaho. We are looking for accessible property with running water either a creek, spring, or well that has usable ground. We are willing to trade.
    (Updated: Fri Jan 10 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30728
    Looking for/in: Small acreage w/ water source PA.
    Listing ID: 30717

    Land. A few acres or less. Level terrain. Lightly wooded OK. Water source a plus.
    (Updated: Wed Jan 08 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30717
    Looking for/in: Rural Land wanted
    Listing ID: 30707

    Rural land with water, good road access, forest, meadows
    (Updated: Sun Jan 05 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30707
    Looking for/in: Kansas Outside Metro area within 5 miles of KC
    Listing ID: 30692

    Home outside metro area, at least 2 or 3 acres for animals to run and play, garden spot. Need at least 2 bedrooms but would take 3. Need 2 bathrooms. Can not be any more than 5 miles outside Kansas City
    (Updated: Sun Dec 22 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30692
    Looking for/in: Washington Rural AG land with river or water
    Listing ID: 30686

    Looking for agricultural land for breeding horses, grassland potentially with alfalfa, having water, in the form of a creek or river or substantial well and reasonable access. Livable land near minimal development.
    (Updated: Sun Dec 15 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30686
    Looking for/in: Self Sustaining Kentucky Land Wanted
    Listing ID: 30673

    50 - 500 acres within 2 hours drive Cincinnati in Kentucky. Live, full on spring for drinking number one. Streams, creeks, ponds...waterfalls, the works. Woods, pasture, hills, game. Away from cell phone towers and city lights. Cabin or modest home to live in while building our home will be ideal. Now.
    (Updated: Tue Dec 03 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30673
    Looking for/in: Texas No Restrictions
    Listing ID: 30655

    Unrestricted land Texas
    (Updated: Sat Nov 16 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30655
    Looking for/in: Washington State Small Farm Wanted
    Listing ID: 30653

    Looking for a small farm with good soil, ample water, for growing berries, fruit trees, garden & crops. Rural setting
    (Updated: Thu Nov 14 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30653
    Looking for/in: Southern States Mild winters AZ, CA, FL examples
    Listing ID: 30629

    40+ acres, little to no pasture area. One story 3/2 preferred. Pond or year round water on property. Southern states only, mild winters, good precipitation. Internet must be available and shopping and medical services no farther than 20 miles away.
    (Updated: Sun Nov 03 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30629
    Looking for/in: Oregon or Washington Home(s) with at least 10 Acres
    Listing ID: 30605

    6+ bedrooms, 3+ bathrooms, larger kitchen. OR 2 houses that total 6+ bedrooms, 3+ bathrooms. Must be on at least 10 acres. Oregon or Washington.
    (Updated: Thu Oct 24 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30605
    Looking for/in: Fishing and hunting property for outfitting business
    Listing ID: 30563

    Fishing and hunting property, Would like to start or buy and established outfitting and guide service.
    (Updated: Thu Oct 10 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30563
    Looking for/in: Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming preferred
    Listing ID: 30531

    Within ~20 miles of a town. Looking for Campground/RV park with a minimum of 50 acres. Location: Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming preferred. Must have lake or river access and snow in the winter season. Thank you.
    (Updated: Mon Sep 30 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30531
    Looking for/in: 2000-10,000 acres plus, Cattle, grain, hay
    Listing ID: 30525

    Young Family Farm Operation needs to relocate. Currently being squeezed out by subdivisions and developments.

    Need 2000-10,000 acres plus, Cattle, grain, hay type areas considered. If existing operation, may need equipment and homes too.

    Purchase or lease to buy? All locations considered.

    (Updated: Fri Oct 04 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30525
    Looking for/in: BC Canada Property Wanted
    Listing ID: 30483

    BC Canada Property Wanted
    (Updated: Thu Sep 26 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30483
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