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    Looking for/in: Southern Ontario Canada Development
    Listing ID: 30161

    I need, for a client, property that can be developed (promptly)…. no waiting for years to proceed. Client needs 12-15,000 acres (yes, that’s thousands not hundreds) undeveloped land in tourist or retirement environment, on which to build a hotel (or two), several cabins, and a subdivision of fine homes (no carnival atmosphere)… the land needs to be on water: ideally Muskoka, Lake Simcoe, Lake Couchiching (Orillia), or any spot in southern Ontario that is just waiting for a developer to start a project immediately. This transaction will be self-funded. Buyer holds dual citizenship: Canada/US. They own a landscaping company and have done projects like this previously, only this time want to do one in Ontario, Canada. Price no object, buyer will pay commission. Would love some help on this one!! Please contact Jill up to 15M.
    (Updated: Thu Feb 06 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30161
    Looking for/in: Preferably in West Virginia. Will consider Kentucky.
    Listing ID: 30148

    Operating or permitted coal mines for sale preferably in West Virginia. Will consider Kentucky.
    (Updated: Thu Sep 26 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30148
    Looking for/in: Pierce County Washington
    Listing ID: 30146

    10 plus acres w/ house for organic farming off grid in pierce county washington
    (Updated: Thu Sep 26 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30146
    Looking for/in: Arizona Tucumcari NM or Oklahoma
    Listing ID: 30143

    Fixer upper Arizona and or NM. must have power, water, sewer, foundation, willing to work. $3.000.00 down and take payments not to exceed $300.00 a month location not in city. rural or farm country
    (Updated: Sun Apr 14 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30143
    Looking for/in: Ohio Log Home
    Listing ID: 30121

    log home in Ohio
    (Updated: Sun Apr 07 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30121
    Looking for/in: Kentucky Reclaimed Mine Land
    Listing ID: 30118

    I am looking for reclaimed mining sites for purchase for individual, hunting, fishing, cabin site, numerous acres
    (Updated: Sat Apr 06 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30118
    Looking for/in: Northern California Southern Oregon
    Listing ID: 30112

    Pasture land for 300 head of cattle prefer Northern California Southern Oregon. Lease or purchase. Irrigated pasture and a residence on location preferred. Price range between $400,000 to $800,000 for best suitable property.
    (Updated: Thu Apr 04 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30112
    Looking for/in: Tropical Environments Best or anywhere
    Listing ID: 30108

    I'm looking for off-grid, secluded property with good water, and with reasonable solar/wind power potential. Prefer good trees/foliage, prefer no existing structures on the property unless very simple (like barns, small cabins, etc). Tropical environments are very desirable if available.
    (Updated: Wed Apr 03 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30108
    Looking for/in: California Land Wanted For Log Cabin Site
    Listing ID: 30109

    Small wooded parcel so i can build myself a log home.
    (Updated: Wed Apr 03 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30109
    Looking for/in: New Mexico Large Special Property
    Listing ID: 30110

    Looking for large 'special' property to operate a high end treatment and retreat center. must have something unique, hunting, fishing, skiing would be ideal. Hotel-at least 15 rooms or multiple cabins. Food service for at least 50. multiple buildings needed. Up to $5 million.
    (Updated: Wed Apr 03 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30110
    Looking for/in: Virginia Property
    Listing ID: 30095

    Virginia Land or Property
    (Updated: Sun Mar 31 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30095
    Looking for/in: New Mexico
    Listing ID: 30049

    New Mexico Land or Property wanted
    (Updated: Wed Jun 01 2016)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30049
    Looking for/in: Farm or Farmland Wanted
    Listing ID: 30031

    Farm wanted
    (Updated: Sun Mar 10 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30031
    Looking for/in: New Mexico Colorado Nevada Arizona
    Listing ID: 30032

    Disabled Vet w/PTSD looking for land SW Texas
    (Updated: Sat Dec 26 2015)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30032
    Looking for/in: Florida Property
    Listing ID: 29979

    Florida Land or Property desired
    (Updated: Sun Feb 24 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 29979
    Looking for/in: Georgia donated land or with special financing.
    Listing ID: 29975

    Angels with Faith Ministries & Church home based 501c3 non-profit charity/Church is in DIRE need of donated property for our permanent location. We need 10 or more acres, with or without dwellings with no restrictions so we can add donated mobile home(s) to temporarily house homelesss families & hopefully water, a pond etc for our Youth Group Fishing camp for at risk & disadvantaged youth,teens & children.We prefer Northeast Georgia or surrounding areas our Pastor works full time in Gwinnett county so within an hour to hour & a half near there would be great. Donation can be in any condition & with or without dwellings, all donations are FULLY tax deductible for FULL value for up to 5 years & you receive a 7 day cruise voucher for 2 on Carnival or Royal Caribbean & a 3 day 2 night stay for a family of 4 that includes 2 adult theme park tickets with every donation. We help 1000s of families every year & 1000s of children every Christmas with 0 funding. We are all volunteers working hard to make a true difference as charities should & devote 100% of EVERY donation to helping those in need(Big charities give back an average of 18% after paying salaries,overhead etc),we have been helping families for almost 5 years & have outgrown our small 2 bedroom rental home in Winder GA. With more room for storage, room for housing for homeless & Military families(it takes up to a year for Military to receive their benefits after being injured I have 2 sons perm injured in Iraq & Afghanistan who were without homes for almost a year when they came home ) & with more storage we can store more donated items to help more families.Also our Youth Fishing Group has grown greatly & has led a lot of lost teens & youth down a better path to enjoying nature & staying out of trouble & we trully hope & pray to expand it by having our own fishing area of some sort.If you have property that you do not use,are tired of paying taxes on,do not want to fix,have inherited,etc or that you would even be willing to donate a 30 year land contract on & still own you would be helping us help 1000s more families & children every year. We can also do a small down payment about 500 & pay up to $600 a month if someone would finance us the right property in Walton, Jackson, Newton, Rockdale, Banks, Hall, Oconee counties etc at least 10 acres, pond or waterfront, no restrictions, private, hopefully with a home, trailer etc or 2, we can pay up to $600 month payments but we need it asap so that we do not have to sign another years lease here
    (Updated: Thu Feb 21 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 29975
    Looking for/in: Washington Land or property
    Listing ID: 29962

    Washington Land or property
    (Updated: Mon Feb 18 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 29962
    Looking for/in: Western Oregon Property
    Listing ID: 29957

    Looking for property in western Oregon, either large vacant or large with existing built for improved tenant/leasehold arrangement with owner. I will install a new, high quality, livable, modular home on the property in compliance with all county codes. Build will include all prep work and permits for, septic, water and power. The improvement will be permanent to the property. Occupancy will be secured by a lease which can be transferred as an income source should the property be sold. Property should be large enough to easily accommodate this single family home and should have at least one suitable, if not “first choice”, home site within it to choose from. The advantage of this arrangement is that the landlord will have an immediate property improvement equal to the cost of the home and systems, a source of immediate income, and the advantage of increasing the property’s value and salability. I am a reputable, retired business owner in Cottage Grove.
    (Updated: Wed Feb 13 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 29957
    Looking for/in: Ohio Hunting, camping, recreational land
    Listing ID: 29950

    Hunting, camping, recreational land
    (Updated: Sat Feb 09 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 29950
    Looking for/in: Arkansas Remote
    Listing ID: 29945

    Arkansas Remote Land
    (Updated: Wed Feb 06 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 29945
    Looking for/in: Kansas - Flint Hills Area
    Listing ID: 29940

    2 bedroom farm house or country home with views of the Flint Hills, Kansas. Around $175K.
    (Updated: Wed Feb 06 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 29940
    Looking for/in: British Columbia within 4 hours Vancouver
    Listing ID: 29942

    Within 4 hours of Vancouver. Lake, river or creek frontage. Where grid power is NOT available. Minimum 10 acres. House not necessary.
    (Updated: Wed Feb 06 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 29942
    Looking for/in: Looking in Tennesse
    Listing ID: 29938

    Tennessee Land
    (Updated: Wed Feb 06 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 29938
    Looking for/in: Missouri Rural Possibly remote
    Listing ID: 29924

    rural, secluded, possibly remote, 5+ acres, live water, mostly wooded, home (large or small, 2+ story is preferable)with wood burning fireplace, plumbing & partial+ basement, 1+ outbuilding, some high ground with view would be nice
    (Updated: Wed Feb 06 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 29924
    Looking for/in: Alabama Investment Land Wanted
    Listing ID: 29905

    Invest in Alabama.
    (Updated: Wed Feb 06 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 29905
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