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Self Sustaining Luxury Prepper Retreat Compound
All Survival Necessities, Yellow Jacket, Colorado

No need for fear but be rest assured chaos is coming to America and coming with vengeance, open borders, refugees, ISIS members have already been deployed in Europe and America and waiting on the signal to strike, lamp stands , prayer rugs are all being found all over according to public safety officials. Renown risk assessment CEO who works with Fortune 100 Companies has designed a perfect luxurious 5 Star safe house for those that have ears to hear and eyes to see.

As seen on international television on every continent and the highest rated by the National Geographic Doomsday Prepper program, here is an opportunity for you to enjoy vacationing in peacetime and a safe house during chaos and riots from the nation's inner cities. Welcome to the middle of nowhere USA where you too can protect your loved ones from security concerns, whether it be natural disasters or terrorism we have you covered. Previously shown as a 12 million dollar facility it has been increased as the increase of risk has increased to a complete chaotic level about to occur that can begin within minutes.

This magnificent one of a kind property is located in Colorado, it is close to many popular tourist destinations; Durango 50 Miles, Telluride Skiing 65 Miles, Dolores Water Sports, Lakes, Rivers etc. Skiing, Boating, River Rafting 10 Miles away.

The Luxury Survival Bunker includes. Theatre Room, Bathroom bidets, Large Kitchen all custom built, Solid Concrete and Steel Structure 4277 Square feet. Solid Slab 5 foot thick monolithic design (floats like a boat in water if earth shifts). Ceilings are all poured Concrete and steel Building is Nuclear Rated and is also Biologically rated for air and water with High Power Ultraviolet Cannons in air chambers, air vents and water supply with a 7 stage water filtration system. An underground concrete vaulted water well is buried deep in the ground for independent water delivery to this facility only and powered independently of any commercial source. Site is standalone Site

Power Systems include, Solar, Wind, Fossil Fuel Generator, Large UPS Systems, Grid Power as backup, Air Conditioning is fully redundant with 2 each 5 horsepower squirrel cage blowers, 4 compressors and 4 condensers. Heating is provided and has 5 layers of backup.

All outside air ducting for pressurization and filtering have emergency shutdown sealed gasket valves in the event of dirty air i.e. biological hit, CS gas etc. Keeps inside air in and outside air out. Main air access room has large UV cannons and ozone generation for purification and biological protection.

Has full office, all handmade Cherry Desks 3 and 4 position live video conferencing and all office amenities. Perfect for the business man or woman and bedrooms for restful sleep and theatre to entertain the children.

Emergency UHF encrypted licensed commercial communications systems are installed and control station and handheld encrypted radios provide a 25 mile radius of secure private communications back to the main security desk located in what is called the situation room / office and video conferencing area. Great in instances such as the Boston City Bombing. The public switched telephone network will be off line in zones depending on remote detonated bombings such as what Boston experienced. This provides a resolution to provide the users the ability to stay in touch with loved ones, support groups, bartering agents etc. in the area if off site during any issues if public cellular or landline telephones being terminated to prevent further detonation by telephone devices as Boston was. The system is totally independent of any commercial source and is privately owned and licensed.

A Helicopter Pad on top of the main facility is provided. A 100 foot tower as seen in pictures provide for observation, wind, solar, communications etc. Wood racks are provided for stacked wood for boiler "Heating" use. Extensive camera and passive infrared monitoring systems detect any trespassers that activate annunciators and strobes internal to facility alerting you of a possible breach on the acreage as well as night vision cameras displaying video of outdoor activity on 16 recorded camera feeds and all televisions within the complex.

Free Contingency Planning Guide on transportation to this facility in the event of disaster or terrorism is also provided.

More Pictures Of This Amazing Property

Previously Seen On National Geographic, NBC, Bloomberg, Russian Times, Australian Press, UK Mirror and approximately 75 other journals you may find on search engines.

Price: $ 10,000,000 USD
Parcel Size: 2.07 (+/-) Acres
Special Conditions: Terms available with $2.5M Down Payment
Property Location: Yellow Jacket, CO
Montezuma County, USA

4 Corners
Area Code
Property Info:
South West Colorado
Contact Information: Jerry McMullin
Email Contact: Click Here
Listing ID:

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