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$3,000 Cash Price or Best Offer! See Our Website or Call Char for Financing Price and Terms!

1 acre building lots for sale in the Rio Grande Estates by Belen and Mountainair, New Mexico about 45 minutes S of Albuquerque in Socorro County. There was a beautiful storm brewing across the valley lighting up the clouds at sunset and dropping her sheets of rain. What an awesome place to watch a desert storm! Itís a pretty country setting with horses grazing and black-tailed jackrabbits racing around!

It's 13 miles SE of the exit at Interstate 25 in Belen and 13 miles NE of the exit at Bernardo so depending which way you're headed on I25 you can take either way out. The lots are about 3.75 miles E of the Rio Grande as the crow flies.

It sits on the valley floor and for the most part it is flat with a bit of scattered native plants, grass and lots of spring time flowers blooming! And wow were there quite a few different flowers blooming. An El Nino developed in late spring and the monsoon season has brought rain well above average so far in 2015. There were horses grazing in the area and a jackrabbit ran off and my notes say itís a very pretty part of the subdivision!

Rio Grande Estates Unit 10 Block 391 Lots 22 & 23

We have more information about this property and other properties we have for sale on our own website Smile4uinc including maps, photos, and zoning. Find us by clicking on the link in this listing below where it says See Web Site: Smile4u Inc or Google: Smile4u. There's a reason we are the #1 hit on Google - you'll smile for sure when you see our own website!

Often called land wholesalers by our customers we work hard to find affordable land for sale and explore many of the lands we sell! Call Char the Explorer at 360-550-8943.

Price: $ 3,000 USD
Parcel Size: 2 (+/-) Acres
Special Conditions: $3,000 Cash Price or Best Offer! Call Char with Questions at 360-550-8943!
Property Location: Veguita, NM
Socorro County, USA

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Contact Information: Char the Explorer

Smile4u Inc
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