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$1,750 Cash Price Per Lot or Best Offer! See Our Website or Call Char for Financing Price and Terms!

1.03 and 1.14 acres of land for sale in Elko, Nevada 5 miles SW of town in the lower foothills of the Elko Hills. Off grid investment property has views of the Humboldt River meandering thru the farms and crop lands and the town of Elko! Elko County sits in the NE part of NV about 180 miles S of Twin Falls, Idaho between Reno and Salt Lake City, Utah.

There is also BLM land one block to the south. You can see in the BLM map that this section (square mile) of land is ĺ BLM land and then ľ private land which is part of the farm. So Iím not sure if you can drive down to this river but you can go for a walk on the BLM land!

The properties have a gentle slope down off the lower foothills of the Elko Hills from the south to the north as it falls down to the valley floor. Itís nicely covered in healthy tall sage brush and soft dirt. It sure was a beautiful afternoon and I could hear the train whistle and the birds chirping. We found a cool old cow skull and hauled it home to add to our collection!

The views of the Elko Hills from the SW to the SE are beautiful and unique with a cool rock peak at the top of a mountains to the south. To the west is a beautiful view of the S Fork of the Humboldt River as it meanders thru the valley floor, farms, crops, stacks of hay and groves of trees. Oh I love that view and there sure were some pretty fall colors in the reeds and lone tree!

Meadow Valley Ranchos Unit 12 Block 25 Lot 5 Meadow Valley Ranchos Unit 12 Block 25 Lot 7

We have more information about this property and other properties we have for sale on our own website Smile4uinc including maps, photos, and zoning. Find us by clicking on the link in this listing below where it says See Web Site: Smile4u Inc or Google: Smile4u. There's a reason we are the #1 hit on Google - you'll smile for sure when you see our own website!

Often called land wholesalers by our customers we work hard to find affordable land for sale and explore many of the lands we sell! Call Char the Explorer at 360-550-8943.

Price: $ 1,750 USD
Parcel Size: 1.03 (+/-) Acres
Special Conditions: $1,750 Cash Price Per Lot or Best Offer! Call Char with Questions at 360-550-8943!
Property Location: Elko, NV
Elko County, USA

Area Code
Property Info:
Northern Nevada
Contact Information: Char the Explorer

Smile4u Inc
Email Contact: Click Here
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