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Caribbean sea beach with 21.99 acreas or 1500 feet of White Sandy beach frontage that can be divided into 20 x 1 acreas lots or 80 residential house lots

BELIZE: VALUATION OF 22 ACRES OF BEACH LAND SITUATED ON THE CARIBBEAN SEA ALONG THE SEA COAST OF SARTENEJA VILLAGE, CONDEMNED POINT, SARTENEJA AREA, COROZAL DISTRICT. OWNER: MR. RAFAEL P. CHAVEZ. COROZAL TOWN, BELIZE. 10 TH OCTOBER, 2014 Re: 22 Acres of land situated along the Sea Coast at Condemned Point, Sarteneja Area, Corozal District. The subject property is described as all that parcel of land, Block No. 2, situated along the Sea Coast at Condemned Point, Sarteneja Area, in the Corozal District. The freehold property of Rafael P. Chavez by virtue of Land Certificate of Title issued 19th September -2008 # LRS-200807241. This is the valid and cleared title of the described land. LOCATION OF PROPERTY The property peninsular shaped coast land situated southeast of Sarteneja Town and it is on the coastal beach front of the Caribbean Sea only 2˝ miles from “SHIPSTERN MAYA RUINS” and 3 miles from “THE SHIPSTERN LAGOON” both touristic destinations. Geographically, its position is fixed within the Northwest quadrant of universal grid coordinates 2014500 North Meters and 384500 East Meters. The property runs parallel behind San Pedro Ambergris Caye Island a distance of only 16 miles apart and 9˝ miles from the Town of Sarteneja. The property is 24 miles from Mexico, Chetumal City in the state of Quintana Roo, and 20 miles from Corozal Town and the Corozal Commercial Duty Free Zone which borders Chetumal, Quintana Roo Mexico. POTENTIAL LAND USE AND DEVELOPMENT The property has a PENINSULAR island shape appearance. The front beach has 1500ft of sandy beach frontage on the Caribbean Sea. It impacts the sea coast conveniently with the form of an island which captures a wide view of the Caribbean Sea from many vantages points. The property is also famous for fishing which is an attractive sport for foreigners. The property has white sandy beach ideal for recreation, camping, and retreat or upon subdivision into lots it would be likewise ideal for hotel resorts, residence or a retirement community. At optimum value the 21.99 acres of beach has the potential to be subdivided into 20 lots approximately 1 acre each which can be sold each for US $100,000.00, A total value of US$2,000,000.00 for 20 lots and leaving OUT approximately 1.99 acres available for (ROADS ETC.) or infrastructural developments and subdivided streets for access to the subdivided lots. The property has a good private beach front location clean with no mangroves requiring no land fill and offering itself as a good fishing and swimming grounds. The maximum depth or vertical distance between the waterline and the bottom of the sea for navigating to this property is 14 ft. and it’s a distance of 30ft from the beach, reducing its depth to reach the shallow white sandy beach. The beautifully tortoise salt water of the Caribbean Sea and the Caribbean breeze with its privacy make this property especially appealing with access to three municipal airstrips which has daily flights from Belize City, San Pedro Town, Sarteneja Town and Corozal Town, with return daily flights. There are other community developments and roads not far from the property in the community. The property is also accessible by boat to and from Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico which is only 24 miles away from this beautiful coast land which sits on the coast of Sarteneja Town in the Northern part of the country of Belize on the Caribbean Sea. The property has the potential of being a great getaway from the crowded touristic SAN PEDRO TOWN, internationally known as “La Isla Bonita of San Pedro” which is just 16 miles straight across by boat from this property on the same Caribbean Sea. The growing tourism activity and vast developments in this area has made the demand of beach front properties to rise tremendously. Consequently, land values in this area has increased drastically. This property is attractive, desirous and marketable and would be suitable for condominiums ,a small resort or first class hotels. It can also be subdivided for lots for residential private lots. The property enjoys a very envious quiet long beach measuring 1500 feet long of sandy white beach frontage with Tortoise waters as shown on the attached sketch plan. VALUATION The property has a potential estimated value of two million US dollars (US$ 2,000,000.00) and it can be subdivided into 20 lots of sizes approximately 1 acre each with its beach front. And leaving out 1.99 acre for streets and roads. The subject property is 21.99 Acres or 106,480 square yards. Considering the shape of the property a further subdivision of each 1 acre lots could each yield 4 smaller residential lots sizes (80ft x 135ft) all having their beach frontage view for 80 residential house lots out of the 20 acres. The land is naturally levelled with a natural sandy beach on a highland without any mangroves. See photos. It is very marketable because of its very attractive site standing out like an island in the Caribbean Sea being partly surrounded by water. Based on sales evidence of beach front lands and on the foregoing, I am of the opinion that this land 21.99 acres can be easily be sold off BY MR. RAFAEL CHAVEZ AS PUBLISHED at a quick bulk package value for US $1,320,000.00.(34% discount) NOW ASKING US $575,000.00 Respectfully submitted Patrick B. Sebastian VALUATOR BSc. ENG University of New Brunswick, Canada Land Consultant/Licensed Land Surveyor/Appraiser Joseito Layout Corozal Town, Belize Telephone # 00501 602 4242

Price: $ 575,000 USD
Parcel Size: 21.99 (+/-) Acres
Property Location: Belize.Corozal. Central Americ, CB

Area Code
Property Info:
Sarteneja Town.Corozal Belize
Contact Information: Rafael Chavez

Rafael Chavez & Son Ltd
Email Contact: Click Here
Listing ID:

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