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Cache Lake Country 500 Acres Of Forest, Lakes, Ponds In Eastern Ontario, Canada

Cache Lake Country is a tract of woodlands, a chain of lakes and ponds named from a book that came to me half a century ago. It contains the story of wilderness and life lived there. My Cache lake Country is miles across, 500 acres of which we own and thousands more that belong to the Crown (Queen Elizabeth II, in the person of the Government of Ontario).

Access to Cache Lake Country is by canoe via the chain of lakes and ponds and via a groomed ATV trail maintained by an active group of fine young men who have clubbed together to hunt and look after another, smaller acreage a bit west and north of us.

Cache Lake itself is a large deep beaver flood with some standing timber remaining. It will be stiff with large mouthed bass if I ever get around to introducing a pail or two of bass fry into its clear waters. The best bass fishing I have ever lucked into was in just such a lake only a few miles across the bush from there.

Long Narrow Lake is quite a lot larger and deeper and is known for bass and walleyed pike. We own the island (2 acres) and 2000 feet of wooded shore front.

The entire area is deer country. And there are black bear in numbers not seen since settler days. It is only fairly unlikely to walk up on a moose belly deep in a pond masticating water weeds her calf just beyond her at the shore. Historically there were elk herds and I have heard that elk have been re-introduced some miles to the west (A year or so ago a buddy of mine who has hunted elk in Alaska found himself listening to a bull bugling at first light). Wild turkeys move in smaller and larger flocks feeding on acorns among stands of oak. Snowshoe hare and partridge are also common. The ponds are prime staging and feeding areas for Mallards & Blacks and other ducks.

There is an astounding interactive map on line. It is FREE for all to use covering the entirety of Frontenac County including Cache Lake Country:

Fossicking around Cache Lake Country by map and satellite image is a pleasant exercise and time well spent. The photographs were taken in November 2014 and November 2008. The leaves were down and you will see how our ridges run, that the forest is preponderantly Maple, Oak, White Ash and Blue Beech with scattered stands of White Pine and Spruce and Eastern White Cedar.

If you are hunters or people and families who aspire to live or recreate in the wilderness, parents who give a darn about having something real and fundamental for their daughters and sons to accomplish .... then Cache Lake Country is a remarkable find for you and is now for available for purchasing.

Price: CAD 175,000 (terms)
Parcel Size: 500 (+/-) Acres
Special Conditions: 5% down - 20 years to pay.
Property Location: Olden Tsp, ON
Northern Frontenac, Canada

Area Code
Property Info:
Contact Information: Dale Sutherland
Email Contact: Click Here
Listing ID:

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