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Privacy & Seclusion, The Island in the Sky Is A Remarkable Find...

Known locally as "the island in the sky", L'Isle au Ceil is centered on the sheltered anchorage in Home Bay and extends nearly ˝ mile in both directions east and west along the north shore of Baei Fine (the second longest fresh water fiord in North America).

Our cliffs are brilliant white quartzite. They are the very roots of ancient mountains (La Cloche Range). Cut and polished during eons of erosion and by the effects of glaciers moving …. they dominate the crystal blue waters of the bay.

Home Bay (a.k.a Whiskey Bay) is a small deep harbor set snugly into the ancient cliffs. It lays midway along the 4500 plus feet of waterfront. There is a sheltered beach. The valley behind (3+ acres) is forested, slopes gently inland, is buttressed east and west by brilliant white cliffs. Our valley soil is rich, gravelly woodland loam a prime foundation for gardens. There has been no development in Home Bay or elsewhere on the property. It is pristine. Zoned “Shoreline Residential” the valley faces south (raw solar energy) and is the perfect site for a wilderness hideaway.

Private and secluded, there are no issues with noise intrusion or pollution. The nearest road overland is forty miles to the northeast (100+ miles via the chain of ponds and lakes crossing Killarney Provincial Park). There is direct access to L'Isle au Ciel … 10 kilometers by boat from Little Current on Manitoulin Island and by sailing yacht or motor cruiser up across Lake Huron and by float plane (or chopper).

Well known for the astounding white cliffs; for its Muskellunge, Great Northern Pike, Small Mouthed Bass, Walleye and trout fishing; for its snug anchorages: Fine Bay has for a century and more been a choice cruising ground for holiday adventurers on sailing yachts and motor cruisers. Hardly a week passes in July, August and September without some tidy vessel setting a lunch hook or anchoring over night in the seclusion of Home Bay.

On a lucky day we find ourselves watching elk browsing behind the beach. For the hunter our area is also prized for its white tailed deer, black bear and woodland moose……. and migratory water fowl.

The people who have read along this far are probably familiar with Baie Fine and you may want to grab on to L'Isle au Ceil before it gets away. People less familiar with the values around Georgian Bay may choose to put down a deposit or speak to me about leasing the property for a season or two (taking your time becoming acquainted with the property and the Bay).

The Island in the Sky is a remarkable find and is now for sale.

Price: CAD 275,000
Parcel Size: 120 (+/-) Acres
Special Conditions: 5% down - 20 years to pay.
Property Location: Home Bay, ON
Baei Fine, Canada

Area Code
Property Info:
Contact Information: Dale Sutherland
Email Contact: Click Here
Listing ID:

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