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Brazil Amazon Rainforest Land Remote and Secluded Conservation and an ecological treasure to own this 1,000 acres.

Amazon Rainforest 1,000 Acres

Location: Within the State of Amazonas, within the Municipality of Novo Aripuana. Situated between the rivers Gauibe and Aripuana below BR 230 where the river Aripuana crosses Vila do Cormo. Access to the land if off the river Paxiuba flowing East from the Aripuana.
The access is ONLY via river boat transport.

Approximate coordinates as follows: NW corner -8.56747 NE corner -8.56733 SW corner -8.58443 SE corner -8.58539

From the site Southward is located the Floresta National do Airpuans and Westward vicinity is the Parque Nacional do Campos Amazonios

The 1,000 acres was part of the property names: “Seringal San Sebastian do Mureru”. Identified on the Survey, Planta Topografica plat map as Lote 001, Area 1,000 acres. The property area is almost a four sided square as shown on the plat map as approximately 6,600 ft per side.

There are no ROADS anywhere nearby. This is Rainforest/Jungle lands. No improvements and no current sources for income. unique Investment Property surrounded by thousands of acres of same type of property that has not been degraded by burning, logging, mining or deforestation.

Land Ownership in Brazil

Today investing in Brazil real estate can be a complex process, but doing so will probably give a high future return on investment.
Acquiring ownership of RURAL land and property in Brazil is more difficult for foreigners then is for Brazilian nationals. There are specific conditions that make acquisition difficult. A foreigner now is required to have a citizenship status with a visa. There is also limits on amount of acquisition allowed. If a buyer forms a company or is a company with a Brazilian resident as a percentage owner, there are other avenues for acquiring rural land.

There is the right of possession or the personal right to certain powers of ownership, such as the right to maintain the property and receive its fruits. The right of ownership is an absolute right through the Brazilian Civil Code. This concept of Prescription is when someone has possessed the land for a certain amount of time, he or she can eventually acquire ownership.

In any case, as current owner of the real estate may sell property to a buyer and both parties agree to all terms, and both are mutually benefitting from the transaction.
The Property is in sustainable condition and has Brazilian Secured Property Rights and has not been subject to deforestation.

The Offering

Due to senior health constraints, I am offering an attractive pricing of $50,000 USD for this unique Rainforest Property. Purchaser would make arrangements and be responsible for all costs and fees required with the ownership Transfer with a Brazilian attorney. to consummate the sale transaction. As owner and seller I would provide a Power of Attorney to the Brazilian attorney to use in the sale transaction. Property Registration took place in Novo Aripuanas, Amazonas on 23 May 2006.

Open to discussions.

Map not exact location

Price: $ 50,000 USD
Parcel Size: 1000 (+/-) Acres
Special Conditions:
Property Location: San José, BR
San Sebastián Amazonas, Brazil

Area Code
Property Info:
Contact Information: Ray Eckert
Email Contact: Click Here
Listing ID:

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Disclaimer: Price, size, specifications, & availability are subject to change without notice.
All information is believed to be correct but is not warranted.
Exercise prudence, with a diligent investigation, and verification of facts
pertaining to any potential purchase or sale.

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