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Former industrial manufacturing and pharmaceutical plant On Line Auction Starts: 11/15/2021 and Ends: 11/17/2021

Former industrial manufacturing and pharmaceutical plant. Located in the Guayama municipality, in the southeastern area of Puerto Rico. Operations ceased approximately 7 years ago.

The primary structures on-site include four separate manufacturing plants known as Guayama 1 (G1), Guayama 2 (G2), Guayama 3 (G3) and a pilot plant known as Guayama 4 (G4). It also operates a small manufacturing facility known as the Kilolab located within the G4 building. Other structures include two (2) solvent recovery areas, a RCRA hazardous waste storage area, an incineration area, three (3) laboratory facilities, tank farms, six (6) warehouses, a wastewater treatment plant, two (2) fire ponds, electrical substation, utilities areas, maintenance area, administrative and other support buildings. The wastewater treatment plant is located in the southeastern portion of the facility. It is used to treat sanitary wastewater and selected process wastewaters (cooling tower blowdown, boiler blowdown, and others).

TAPI Puerto Rico, Inc. (TAPI) facility is located in the Guayama municipality, at the southeastern portion of Puerto Rico, on a 45-acre parcel of land, of which approximately 25 acres are developed for industrial manufacturing activities. The rest of the area is reserved for future use. The facility is 1.1 mile north of the Caribbean Sea and 1 mile southwest of Puente Jobos Ward. The Town of Guayama is located approximately 2.2 miles to the northeast and the Town of Reunion is located about 0.7 miles to the northeast.

Auction Starts:
10:00 AM EST Monday, November 15, 2021

Auction Ends:
12:00 PM EST Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Open to the Public:
11-2pm Friday October 29 & November 5

Nominal Opening Bid:

Parcel Size: 45 (+/-) Acres
Special Conditions: Nominal Opening Bid: $175,000
Property Location: State Road #3 Km 143
Guayama, PR

Area Code
Property Info:
Contact Information: Customer Service

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