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    Looking for/in: Colorado
    Listing ID: 35185

    2+ acres, minimum 2 bedrooms and 1 bath, bordering public land or BLM land
    (Updated: Fri Oct 15 2021)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 35185
    Looking for/in:
    Listing ID: 35182

    Hello, I am in my late 60`s...looking to move from Illinois to a safer State. There is some urgency due to seasonal weather and current events. I would like a home with some Off-grid/Survival aspects. Wood floors...900sq ft.and up...septic tank...2 plus acres....9 ft. ceilings...good roof...solid windows....basement/root cellar.....water source....own power grid...or ability.. to create it....some neighbors in vicinity...I would have utmost respect for the and area. Well.maintained and hopefully near a wooded area. This will be a complete Cash transaction.... Elevation must be over 800 ft....and at least 50 mil;es from a major city. I`m looking at Missouri and the Midwest... I`m honest and ethical and expect the same... Let`s please make this happen.. To all..stay strong and healthy Thank you
    (Updated: Tue Oct 12 2021)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 35182
    Looking for/in: Texass
    Listing ID: 35172

    Actively searching for farm land sufficient for a family farm within driving distance of Dallas-Fort Worth or between Dallas and San Antonio. We are not investors...not trying to profit financially. We just want a place to grow our own food, raise livestock, and hunker down during these crazy times. Must have good soil and water. If you have anything you think might work, please reach out. I've spent most of my life in Texas, and I have no intention of leaving. Please do not contact me about properties in other states. Thanks in advance.
    (Updated: Fri Oct 08 2021)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 35172
    Looking for/in: Ohio
    Listing ID: 35169

    i am looking for a year-round home that provides recreational opportunities such as ATV riding, fishing, swimming, hiking, raising goats, chickens, etc.. must not be on a busy road and the more private and secluded, the better. beautiful views and wrap-around front porch are wishes, hoping to be within 4 hour drive to cincinnati, the closer, the better, ohio, kentucky, indiana?? bonus if it will provide ways to make money such as leasing land to farmers, stalls for boarding horses, possible hipcamp sites
    (Updated: Sun Sep 26 2021)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 35169
    Looking for/in:
    Listing ID: 35166

    Victorian Gothic greenhouse/solarium fixer upper garden yard/acreage
    (Updated: Sat Sep 25 2021)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 35166
    Looking for/in:
    Listing ID: 35156

    Raw land in N. Arizona with well
    (Updated: Sun Sep 12 2021)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 35156
    Looking for/in:
    Listing ID: 35149

    im looking for any property that is at least .20 acres up to 3 acres maxa. price mush be lost and owner financing is a must. low down payment desired if at all possible.
    (Updated: Tue Sep 07 2021)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 35149
    Looking for/in: Ariona
    Listing ID: 35135

    House Family farmstead, from 1 to 5 acres of land suitable for bee farming, Hens farming, organic fruits and vegetables cultivation.
    (Updated: Sat Aug 07 2021)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 35135
    Looking for/in: Lodge, RV park, B&B, shop restaurant etc…. were we can all live on the property and run a business?
    Listing ID: 35126

    Good day I trust this mail find you well today. My family and I are living at present in Port St Lucie Florida and in the process of selling out home. Market here right now is crazy and will sell soon as we list. The amount after we pay a small bond off, we are looking at putting into a Lodge, RV park, B&B, shop restaurant etc…. were we can all live on the property and run a business? I have an extensive background in hospitality etc living in 6 countries and visiting over 80 in my time managing 5 start game lodges in Africa to over 30 super cruise ships in management posts, so experience is there and ready but its different in a way. Now we are staying in a holiday rental all incl month to month while our things sit in storage. Please could you assist us in our venture as we ask hat in hand also only been living in the USA 7 years and all that time in Florida, we want a challenge and a charge. Any other questions and assistance with this please let us know depending on the situation we only looking for a place for maybe 500 to 850k Looking forward to your reply
    (Updated: Sat Aug 07 2021)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 35126
    Looking for/in: Alabama
    Listing ID: 35076

    abandoned homes with acreage, rural areas remote,
    (Updated: Mon May 03 2021)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 35076
    Looking for/in: Florida
    Listing ID: 35072

    remote, treed, hilly to mountaineous
    (Updated: Wed Apr 28 2021)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 35072
    Looking for/in: Washington
    Listing ID: 35065

    Small lot with existing livable cabin or mobile Can be a fixer upper to be livable Must have existing water, septic, and power Shelton, Wa (98584) area Mason County, Wa
    (Updated: Fri Apr 23 2021)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 35065
    Looking for/in: Tennessee
    Listing ID: 35005

    Looking for a home with a large pond or lake view from my porch. 3 beds+ 2 baths, 10+ acres with more trees than pastures, a shop/building on premises, updated kitchen and baths, a well, fireplace or woodstove, basement, solar panels a major plus. Not near Memphis or Nashville, please.
    (Updated: Mon Mar 15 2021)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 35005
    Looking for/in: Georgia
    Listing ID: 34987

    Looking for a house to rent. At least 2 bedrooms. Can be a project home, nothing too bad though.
    (Updated: Tue Apr 20 2021)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 34987
    Looking for/in: Florida
    Listing ID: 34979

    10 to 50 acres no restrictions,also open to rental properties
    (Updated: Wed Feb 17 2021)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 34979
    Looking for/in: Virginia Winchester/Stephens city area
    Listing ID: 34981

    Looking for 1/4 acre to 1/2 acre plot of land around the Winchester/ Stephens city area. Zoned for both agriculture and residential purposes. Access to main roads into town and non-flood zone with good quality subsoil and is yurt or round home friendly. This land is intoned as a homestead with greenhouse, raised bed gardening, small orchard in an urban setting. community would benefit from exccess food as part of a CSA program.
    (Updated: Wed Feb 17 2021)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 34981
    Looking for/in: Texas Arizona Nevada
    Listing ID: 14428

    Looking for 20 - 40 acres to build home. Need some hills since this is a partially earth covered home. Would like a creek or river running through or nearby the property, but not needed. Trying to keep the cost of land down below $25,000. New technology Ice Block construction, with geo-thermal heating, solar and wind powered. We don't want heating and electric bills when we retire. Looking for Texas Arizona Nevada
    (Updated: Mon Feb 08 2021)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 14428
    Looking for/in: South Carolina & New York Acreage
    Listing ID: 34971

    Looking for acreage around 3~10 acres in the Upstate of South Carolina and also some in Western NY area around Buffalo.
    (Updated: Fri Feb 05 2021)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 34971
    Looking for/in: California, DFW, Florida
    Listing ID: 34967

    We are looking for off-market fixer upper houses in Southern California, DFW, Florida etc. Old Houses that are below market price and need some repair work. Price range $50,000 - 300,000.
    (Updated: Fri Jan 29 2021)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 34967
    Looking for/in: Michigan
    Listing ID: 34968

    2+ acres zoned AG in Holton, MI or 5+ acres zoned AG or Commercial in Newfield, MI (Hesperia)
    (Updated: Fri Jan 29 2021)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 34968
    Looking for/in:
    Listing ID: 34957

    Sierra Brava Lodges are owned by JJ, Topo and 3 US partners who have been operating dove hunting in Argentina for over 19 years with only one goal in mind: Provide our friends around the world with the best Hunting and Fishing experience of their lives.
    (Updated: Thu Jan 21 2021)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 34957
    Looking for/in: Texas
    Listing ID: 34958

    I'm looking for a survivalist/prepper off grid living self sustainable type property somewhere in the heart of rural Texas. Prefer on the eastern side, near a water source. I'm interested in making this purchase as soon as possible. Looking to spend between $200,000 to $500,000. Please contact me by e-mail. It's a much more efficient way of getting a hold of me than by phone.
    (Updated: Thu Jan 21 2021)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 34958
    Looking for/in: Arizona Oregon Maine
    Listing ID: 34951

    Hi, I am looking for waterfront land in Arizona. I will also consider waterfront land in other states as well. My second choice would be Oregon. My 3rd choice would be Maine, but I am open to anywhere in the USA as long as the land is adjacent to the water and there are fish in the water for fishing. I prefer waterfront property with no building restrictions, but I am flexible too if the price is right. I am also willing to barter. I have some of the top premium land domain names for sale. Some of my land domain names get very high offers. Please feel free to reach out to me for more info.
    (Updated: Wed Jan 06 2021)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 34951
    Looking for/in: Nationwide USA
    Listing ID: 34946

    farm , rv , lake ,resort , land , lot ,acre,parcel... lower 48 , natonwide usa
    (Updated: Sun Dec 27 2020)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 34946
    Looking for/in: Colorado
    Listing ID: 34943

    Looking for acreage... Minimum of 5 acres. Trying to be in the mountains, the more remote the better. Ideally, a source of fresh water on the property is desired. I don't want anything with a home already on it. I need to be able to hunt there, and if i choose to build that should be allowed. This is a place i can go to be off grid, in the mountains, and be self-sufficient and easily forgotten about by the rest of the world. NEED TO PURCHASE ASAP. PAYING CASH UP FRONT, NO FINANCING. POSTING THIS ON 12/14/20.... HOPING TO PURCHASE NO LATER THAN 12/20/20.
    (Updated: Thu Dec 17 2020)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 34943
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