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    Looking for/in: California Land Wanted
    Listing ID: 28927

    Land wanted California
    (Updated: Wed Dec 19 2012)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 28927
    Looking for/in: Washington Off Grid Home
    Listing ID: 28920

    off-grid, 3 bedroom home in livable condition with water (creek, spring, etc.) on property, and timber (with water, timber, and mineral rights). Secluded, but accessible.
    (Updated: Sat Nov 30 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 28920
    Looking for/in: Ontario Canada Campground
    Listing ID: 28911

    Seeking to buy campground
    (Updated: Wed Feb 12 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 28911
    Looking for/in: Arizona Horse Property
    Listing ID: 28913

    2 acre horse property, 3BR 2BA mobile or house
    (Updated: Wed Dec 19 2012)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 28913
    Looking for/in: Tennessee Off Grid
    Listing ID: 28907

    I am seeking a log HOME not a CABIN in rural off the grid TN. Wooded, hilly, rolling or mountain terrain. Not interested in perking, interested in rolling and hilly to drive the price per acre down. I am seeking something with at least 25 plus acres under 100,000. 1400-2000 square feet, open floor plan, garage if possible, fireplace, outbuildings, barn and fenced area for horses with some cleared tillable acreage for pastureland, 4-6 acres to sustain 2 horses. The home should be completed, and move-in ready. Rural and remote and secluded. Rental mobile on property a plus but not essential.
    (Updated: Thu Sep 15 2016)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 28907
    Looking for/in: Texas New Mexico Land
    Listing ID: 28902

    I'm looking for rural land that has no HOA, restrictions or any other incumberances. I'm a potter and am looking for 5 to 40+ acres to set up my kilns and compound for working. I prefer mountain areas but as long as its not in a crowded area anything will do. Texas, New Mexico and on up is the area of interest.
    (Updated: Sun Jan 24 2016)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 28902
    Looking for/in: Washington Acreage Small Cabin
    Listing ID: 28891

    Acreage with/small cabin & or lil shop or out buildings. Shop, power with/without house/shop is ok rv parking space a must. But hope to find the perfect place for my wife & myself we are flexible as far as view goes but want to soon have 30 min commute instead of hour+ x2 daily... If just land need lease (w $$) dwn payment owner contract :-) :-) :-) thank you
    (Updated: Sat Mar 02 2013)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 28891
    Looking for/in: Bonner County Idaho
    Listing ID: 28879

    Bonner County Idaho...old w/wo dwelling/outbldgs...prefer off grid or both on/off meadow...old orchard etc a +....fixer ok...owner purchase...conventional....prefer priest river/sandpoint area or outside these areas....multi family will be on land
    (Updated: Wed Dec 19 2012)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 28879
    Looking for/in: Ontario Canada Lodge
    Listing ID: 28870

    Hunting and fishing lodge or chalet
    (Updated: Wed Dec 19 2012)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 28870
    Looking for/in: North Dakota Williams County
    Listing ID: 28855

    Williams County, ND property wanted
    (Updated: Wed Dec 19 2012)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 28855
    Looking for/in: Pennsylvania Hunting Land
    Listing ID: 28856

    looking for hunting property 5 to 30 acres boarding state land remote ok cabin ok unfinished or fixer upper owner financing if possible to be paid off in under five years. any part of pennsylvania if you have anything I maybe interested in please contact me
    (Updated: Wed Dec 19 2012)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 28856
    Looking for/in: British Columbia Mountain Land
    Listing ID: 28849

    Mountains, lake, stream, river, log cabin, many acres
    (Updated: Wed Dec 19 2012)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 28849
    Looking for/in: Ranch/ Farm 50+ Acres
    Listing ID: 28839

    Ranch or farm, semi-remote, 50 acres or more - any condition. Terms or extended lease.
    (Updated: Sat Jan 25 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 28839
    Looking for/in: West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio Oil Rights
    Listing ID: 28832

    Land with oil gas minerals intact and unleased in West Va, OH, PA
    (Updated: Wed Dec 19 2012)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 28832
    Looking for/in: Within 1 hour Nashville, TN
    Listing ID: 28788

    Acreage within an hour of nashville, TN with creek, spring, minimal house, wilderness
    (Updated: Wed May 27 2015)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 28788
    Looking for/in: Within 5 hours LA CALIF
    Listing ID: 28781

    We're looking for a rustic cabin, ideally weatherproof and accessible in winter, within 5 hours drive of Los Angeles. Electricity, plumbing not required. Ideally a spot with some history (an old lookout or ranger cabin would be fab!)
    (Updated: Wed Dec 19 2012)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 28781
    Looking for/in: Moderate Climate Florida California
    Listing ID: 28712

    8+/- acres of land to develop a small homestead. Looking for owner financed, have the down payment and will pay balance monthly. prefer close to interstate exit. Location could be just about anywhere in either temperate or warmer climate. 3-adults, couple and in law w/3 guaranteed incomes. CA, FL, MA or anywhere
    (Updated: Wed Dec 19 2012)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 28712
    Looking for/in: Greece Organic Agricultural
    Listing ID: 28713

    We are looking for a minimum of 12 acres of land in order to establish self sufficient- Ecological Organic farm in Greece. The price range should be around max 200,000 Euro. Value for money! We need a small land with building permit and a large agriculture land around it for the farm. The land should be as big as possible that the above price can get. Best would be a remote far away place with natural surroundings and private. The land should have an underground spring or a natural water source potential. Electricity is not needed. Potential is a sea, lake, or river near by the land. The acreage should be mostly flat and fertile for agriculture.
    (Updated: Wed Dec 19 2012)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 28713
    Looking for/in: Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York Hunting
    Listing ID: 28707

    Seeking Hunting properties in PA, NY and OH to buy or lease. I have buyers & lessees - need landowners to lease
    (Updated: Wed Dec 19 2012)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 28707
    Looking for/in: Georgia Industrial Land Wanted
    Listing ID: 28696

    Wanted an Industrial Site of 75 to 100 Acres, with Highway access and abundant water supply and proximity to city with technical colleges for trained manpower. Proximity to a Lake or river is preferable.
    (Updated: Wed Dec 19 2012)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 28696
    Looking for/in: Tennessee
    Listing ID: 28697

    Looking for land to use as a bison ranch. Will need at least 80 acres or more. I am currently only interested in places that will either owner finance or work out some lease to own option for a year or two while I get everything started. I am in the Military and located at McGhee Tyson air base so I would like the land to be within an hour of there. Thank you for any help!
    (Updated: Fri Dec 02 2011)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 28697
    Looking for/in: Florida
    Listing ID: 28684

    We are an international solar equipment manufacturer. We want to build a solar farm and own it. We are looking for five to ten acres of solar viable land. We need to be close to transmission lines or power stations, and would like flat land.

    Our hardware is high efficiency and needs high quality sunlight. We are looking to move sooner than later (the executives have been working on this project for a while).

    $500-1000 an acre seems to be the going rate - but the right place with the right connections to the power grid, with potential expansion in the long term, will be what catches our eye.

    (Updated: Thu Dec 01 2011)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 28684
    Looking for/in: NV, NM, AZ, TX, CA
    Listing ID: 28603

    In search of 400-1000 acres raw, or former pasture land (with inclusive rights) in high temperate, avg-low rainfall, no snow regions in the SW U.S. i.e. California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas within 100 mi of a major city and or municipal airfield, for mixed use / ag(non-cattle) ranching & processing. Existing multiple dwellings & out buildings preferred but not required for purchase consideration. Multiple lakes, ponds (natural or man made) preferred. Desert, scrub land, non-BLM, absolutely okay, on or off grid. Purchase schedule (1 ea state) beginning fall 2012
    (Updated: Mon Nov 21 2011)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 28603
    Looking for/in: USA
    Listing ID: 28587

    We buy houses nationwide. SFH, multifamily, commercial, land - anything you have we would like to see!!
    (Updated: Thu Nov 17 2011)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 28587
    Looking for/in: North Central Arkansas
    Listing ID: 28527

    North Central Arkansas Pasture land, 80 to 100 acres fenced and year 'round water.
    (Updated: Thu Nov 17 2011)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 28527
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