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Fantastic combination… lake and volcano in one!

Lake Arenal
As soon as you see shimmering waters being sliced through by windsurfers, you´ll know you´re on the shores of Lake Arenal.

Not only is the man-made lake spectacular but the surroundings just can´t be beat. Photographic opportunities are available ad infinitum. Emerald carpeted sloping hills with dense copses of forest run throughout. The mornings are dew laden and the days are perfect for filling with adventure.

There are several hotels and cabins in the area that range in both price and availability. There are many that cater to the windsurfer crowd and offer everything from equipment to transportation.

Winds have been clocked at up to 40 miles per hour. These gales account for the sleek, aerodynamic, windmills you may spot on slopes high above the lake. For a drier approach to speed, hike the index with a ride through the forest canopy.

The land around the lake boasts numerous trails for both hiking and mountain biking. Travelers interested in these sports can hook up with any one of the outfits that operate in the region. Trekkers will enjoy the bird watching opportunities that are plentiful.
Mt. Arenal Volcano
It rises 1.633 meters above sea level and casts an almost flawless silhouette on the land below it. Mt. Arenal´s last explosion was in 1969 but this volcano is far from dormant. Its constant rumblings are Mt. Arenal´s most popular characteristics. Often spewing ash and smoke, the volcano provides a striking backdrop for photographs and video. There are several excellent look out points along the highway and several resorts and spas that have developed in the area.

After nightfall the spectacle of Mt. Arenal´s bright red lava coursing its way down from the cone is an awesome sight indeed. Many visitors to the area enjoy the show from the luxurious surroundings of a local hot springs resort.
The property
It is located in the north of Costa Rica, just an hour and half drive from Costa Rica´s New International Airport and just two hours from the country´s most beautiful beaches. With a climate unsurpassed anywhere Arenal can boast of average temperatures ranging between 78.8 F and 68.2F the year round. This tranquil paradise lies at the foot of Central America´s most magnificent active volcano and overlooks Lake Arenal, the largest lake in Costa Rica and a favorite of boaters, fisherman, and windsurfers. The lake and streams are clear and crystalline, pure water for drinking and irrigation last in abundance the year around. The Area provides a sanctuary for an unimaginable diversity of Costa Rica plants, birds, insects and other wildlife. This property has banana plants, and more of 5,000 trees of mangos, oranges, lemons, guanabana, guava and other varieties.
Travel Times
    10 minutes to the town of Tilaran
    45 minutes to Arenal Volcano
    90 minutes to Pacific beaches
    3.5 hours to San Jose
  • This property is free and clear and completely registered.
  • Area: 27,992 m2 (301,194 sq.ft)
Price: $ 381,000 USD
Parcel Size: 7 (+/-) Acres
Special Conditions:
Property Location: Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Area Code
Property Info:
Contact Information: Alfredo Quiros

Buenas Raices S.A.
Email Contact: Click Here
Listing ID:

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