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Perfect Prepper Paradise

11 south facing acres in Burnsville NC. 3 wells, 1 spring, solar well pump to gravity fed cistern on one well, greenhouse site, spring fed pond, 7 garden fields, 1 full herb garden, a commons area deck with 1 xtra-large yurt, kitchen, bathhouse/greenhouse with a rain shower and clawfoot tub, and a bathroom.

There is a rootcellar, living roof garden, farm manager apartment, and battery room. On the property there is also one large barn with power, 6 stalls, and a tack room that could be a woofer or farm helpers quarters after some insulation. There is a chicken coop with two paddocks for rotational grazing and room for a 4 paddock system to cut down on feed costs, just buy seeds and let their food grow. There is also an orchard and berry patch, and TONS of blackberries and elderberries all over the property. There is one yoga deck/camping pad at the top of the holler that has amazing views, and a covered deck /picnic area / yoga/ massage space down by the pond.

There is a school house/ office/ studio as you enter the property that sits as part of a level area that can park a lot of vehicles, and has the foundation for an "Earthship" built into the hillside. There is a fully terraced growing area down the hill from the office that is ready for a food forest.

The paddocked pasture that nestles along roughly half the property could support a serious flock of sheep/goats/ or a cow or a couple horses. The second pasture is attached to the barn and currently feeds three goats with more than they could eat.

An indoor/ outdoor work shop has power, and ample room and racks for any and all tools, vehicles, and equipment you could want to house.

There is also an RV/camping site with power, water, and septic. We have rented this space out for $400/month at different times.

There are well established perennials that pepper the property and provide scrumptious food throughout the season.

The bunkhouse that me, my wife, and three kids currently live in is a two story loft apartment, has a bathroom, septic, on demand gas water heater, solar powered radiant floors, and fully efficient kitchen. It is cooled and heated by a super efficient heat pump mini split that sips power, even in the winter.

This place would be perfect for someone(s) who want to create a retreat center that makes a difference. It would also be PERFECT for anyone who is a prepper and is looking for self sufficiency. Between the animal husbandry, the perennials, and the gardens and water you have everything you need to sustain yourself and a couple families. The location is halfway between Boone and Asheville so when THSHTF there will be little traffic through here, AND the community here is VERY self reliant and the types of folks you would want to be neighbors with.

The land here is very lush, and there is enough wild perennials to feast on nearly all year round. We actually eat most of the wild edibles regularly and they provide more nutrition than most of our preps. Also, This area of WNC is full of springs, wild edibles and medicinal's, and very remote terrain. its really a great place to be.

This is also the perfect place to raise a homesteading family. OH did I mention that there is an entire children's playground on the property complete with slide, jungle gym, spring powered bouncy animals, and a four sided sea-saw? well...there IS.

Will accept gold trade.

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Price: $ 270,000 USD
Parcel Size: 11 (+/-) Acres
Special Conditions: Will accept gold
Property Location: 99 Treehouse Lane
Burnsville, NC
Yancey County, USA

Area Code
Property Info:
Western North Carolina
Contact Information: Xavier
Email Contact: Click Here
Listing ID:

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