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Turnkey Facility Remote Bunker Hardened & Secure Protect Your Key Personnel Communications & Data

Secure & Protect Personnel, Data And Communications
Protect your key and essential personnel. Secure and keep your data safe. Insure that your lines of communication are open. Keep your business, corporation, or organization open and in operation in adverse times from this unique facility. Turnkey and ready to adapt to you needs and requirements.

Located in southwest Colorado a very remote area approximately 300 miles from closest strike zone and protected by mountain ranges. It sets in a scenic area looking toward the beautiful Laplata Mountain Range.

Facility Hardened Against Nuclear and Biological Attacks

This facility was constructed with the most rigorous detail to minimize EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse), Lightning, Biological Contamination in Air and Water Well.

Although situated away from major cities and population areas it is close to very popular vacation, outdoor sporting and tourist destinations which including the nearby communities of Cortez, Durango, Telluride to name a few. Hiking, skiing, water sports and recreation of all kinds are available nearby with fishing, boating, and river rafting, are currently some of the more popular activities.

This facility was constructed with the most rigorous detail to minimize EMP ( Electromagnetic Pulse), Lightning, Biological Contamination in Air and Water Well. The facility has a 3 year old 112.5 kVA underground power feed to building with ground mounted transformers installed. The Site is all Green, with Solar and is in process of upgrading 4 wind turbines presently to vertically skewed sealed bearing alternators that engage at 3 mph and run full speed at 13 mph. Turbines are being mounted atop the 100 foot 25' x 25' tower top.

The tower also houses private UHF communications network licensed by the FCC in the event of a national public switched network shutdown.The range is 30 mile radius using scrambled walki-talkies.

The facility was built just like a common 911 center or Main Fire Station in that it provides underground fiber optic termination inside facility with data rates up to 50 GB Data rates.

The tower also provides plenty of space to shoot a redundant microwave path to another ISP for redundancy. DNS switching can be achieved easily. There is a Hughes Network Dish and Amplifier on top of roof presently not used .

The faculty has redundant air conditioning and heating as well as multiple UPS (uninterruptible power supply) Power Systems.

  • Diesel Generation is also one back up form and auto started and tested weekly.
  • If batteries on one main UPS go low and generator does not start the system switches to grid as backup.
  • The other UPS Power System is totally isolated and runs the redundant server power supplies.
  • Over a 10 year period we had a zero outage time which is unheard of.
  • Interior

    The site has a large conference table or dining as well as high definition projection with 100 inch screen for meetings, entertainment etc. One Office has 3 large custom hand made rubbed cherry desks with extensive video conferencing. Bedrooms were also built to accommodate clients if they wanted to dispatch traffic from here if their home facility was under imminent threat from natural causes or terror threats. The Word Trade Center was one of our clients as well as NASA and and many others. The Grande Gallery is large enough to throw parties and prepare anything your pallet desires.

    The site is located on 2.07 acres and the facility is 4277 square feet. Elevation is at 6900 ft.

    Facility Photo Album

    Price: $ 10,500,000 USD
    Parcel Size: 2.07 (+/-) Acres
    Special Conditions:
    Property Location: Yellow Jacket, CO
    Montezuma County, USA

    4 Corners
    Area Code
    Property Info:
    South West Colorado
    Contact Information: Jerry or Al
    Voice/Text +1-970-570-7580
    Email Contact: Click Here
    Listing ID:

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