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Scam and Spam Abuser Alert

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Name Phone Email IP Address Country Abuse Type Date Reported
Tooto Sopia 254725364454 Kenya Nairobi Wananchi Group Kenya scam, spam November 28, 2011
BOB HEAVY 49583662057 United States Houtzdale Limestone Networks Inc scam, spam November 16, 2011
BOB HEAVY 19517979202 Nigeria Lagos Ipnx Nigeria Limited scam, spam November 14, 2011
Mrs Ann 447574190031 United Kingdom T-mobile (uk) Limited scam, spam October 14, 2011
Arlyn Broadway 96417762540 IRAQ United States Tempe Secured Servers Llc scam, spam October 5, 2011
Jeremic Dragi 3495595765 United States Newcom International Inc scam, spam September 24, 2011
Anita David 447574190031 United Kingdom London T-mobile (uk) Limited scam, spam September 21, 2011
John Terry Nigeria Lagos Afrinic scam, spam September 15, 2011
Anita David United Kingdom T-mobile (uk) Limited scam, spam September 7, 2011
SGT.MONICA BROWN 5023540171 United States Cheyenne Sophidea Inc scam, spam September 5, 2011
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Spam, Scam & Internet Abuser Information

If you receive a suspicious message or blatant scam message you can do the following:

It may seem a bit complicated but the benefits are well worth the effort in going after these characters. Often times the results will be the revocation of internet privileges to those responsible for the spam and scam. One more thing, please forward those messages to us too; so we can get them on the list

Notice To Spam, Scam & Internet Abusers

Spammers, Scammers and internet abusers, take notice. reserves the right to do whatever is necessary in dealing with those who abuse this site and abuse legitimate site users. Suspected abusers listed below. If your email address is listed here and you believe it should not, please send a detailed message to providing us with your legal name, physical address, street, city, state/province/distract and country where you are located. Include your phone number too. Provide us with ALL current and past email addresses that you have ever used. Provide us with ALL IP numbers and/or internet providers name or location you have used to access the internet. And finally, please explain why your email address should be removed from this list.

Perpetrators List

The following addresses have been reported to as perpetrators of spam messages and possible scams mostly of the so called Nigerian 419 variety.























W Nigeria



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