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For the serious real estate buyer.

(Includes those seeking to purchase, rent or lease properties, and those interested in purchasing or leasing various rights that may be available on properties)

Unique Opportunity

This is a unique program offered by EagleStar.Net. By posting a “Free Buyer Listing” serious buyers will have access to contact sellers of unique and special circumstance properties that frequently becomes available on this site. In addition to the regular paid property ad postings that we have listed on the site, there is a unique category of Free Ads made available only to buyers with a current “Free Buyer Listing” posted. Often times these properties and circumstances present unique opportunities to buyers, who may then take advantage of them. These may include distressed properties, properties at auction, foreclosure properties, properties just new on the market and properties not offered or available anywhere else.

How It Works

These Buyer Listings can be partially seen by anyone browsing the site. The public can see the buyer message, but they do not have the ability to see who the buyer is or to contact the buyers. Only those who have registered on the site, purchased and posted a property ad have the ability to contact buyers and investors who have posted Free Buyer Listing on the site. Thus, protecting buyers and investors with posted listing from those who do not have property to sell and from those who may have less than honorable intentions.


Getting the word out. Anonymously creating and posting a message letting property owners know that there is someone who is in the market for a certain types or locations of properties. Thus creating a market, a better market place and potential asset liquidity.

Free Buyers Listings may assist buyers in acquiring properties that have just become available or may not even be available in the current market and acquiring properties that meets desired criteria. May assist buyers by locating more potential property selections to consider.

Buyers are in full control. Some buyers may want to remain anonymous or be in full control of all disclosures or both. Inquiries go directly to buyer per Free Buyer Listing contact instructions. This can be especially effective for buyer's brokers and agents in the course of locating desired properties for clients. Investors, brokers and agents are encouraged to post Free Buyer Listings with confidence and protecting confidentiality.

There are many property owners who would readily consider selling if they knew that there were potential buyers available. Especially when the buyer's message describes the property they own. We believe there is a virtual untapped reservoir of available properties waiting to discover their new owners who are ready willing and able.

Why not give it a try? You may find the exact property you want, at a price much lower than what you were expecting to pay.

Those with active Free Buyer Listings have access to contact Private List sellers directly. Contacting sellers of properties listed here is not available to the public. Private Listings here present unique opportunities to those with Free Buyer Listings.

Special buying opportunities listed here may include properties at discounted prices or below wholesale, properties available for quick sale, distressed properties, properties at auction, foreclosure properties, properties new on the market, and properties not publicly available anywhere else.


A Free Buyer Listing should include a description of the type of property one seeks, the location or locations desired, the terms and amount you may expect to pay for it. Buyers may place more than one ad. Buyers contact information is only available to property advertising clients of and can expect to be contacted only by those who have a current paid property advertisement on EagleStar.Net.

Buyers may make the listing as specific or as general as needed. In addition buyers have the ability to modify, edit or cancel listings as needed. All inquiries go directly to buyers per contact instructions.

Registered site users may place as many Free Buyer Listings as are necessary to locate desired properties. These listing will be placed in our "Land Buyers List" on the site.


Qualified buyers register as a user on the site. It is free. Create your user name and password.

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American Eagle Star reserves the right to remove and/or modify any posting at any time, for any reason, with or without notice. Questionable and/or deceptive postings will not be allowed. We encourage site users to report any postings that may be questionable, or are not up to date and current. Posting buyers are expected to respond to inquires in a timely fashion.

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Special Note

We always like to hear from site users. We like to know about how your listings are doing and if you are getting the desired results.

Any time you have questions or need help do not hesitate to contact us. Please keep us posted.

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Contact Information
If you have questions or need information please contact us via mail, email, phone or by visiting our office.

Send email message:

800-239-3448 or +1-702-471-0077
Best time to call is 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Pacific Time
(Fax number furnished on request.}

Visit or mail:
American Eagle Star
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Las Vegas, Nevada 89110 USA

Disclaimer: Price, size, specifications, & availability are subject to change without notice.
All information is believed to be correct but is not warranted.
Exercise prudence, with a diligent investigation, and verification of facts
pertaining to any potential purchase or sale.

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